Records and Information Management Ethics
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The records profession has been transformed by the rapid development and expansion of information technology. Adapting sound records management practices and principles to digital content within diverse systems has been the major challenge to the profession over the last few decades. A second major challenge has been to respond to the compliance and ethical challenges ushered in by the rapid growth of information and information systems.  For the records profession, these challenges bring risks and opportunities. The risks are clear. Failure to provide solutions to ethical problems will diminish the status and growth of the profession. It will also leave records professionals without sources of guidance for their conduct within organizations. The opportunities are equally clear. Providing solutions will increase the stature and professionalism of the field and assure it a place at the table for the foreseeable future

The page will be a portal for information about the emerging field of records management ethics. It is meant for records professionals situated within the traditional field of records management and for IT professionals working with information and data that has records value. Topics it will address include:

  • Information Privacy
  • Confidentiality/Disclosure
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Whistle blowing
  • Trusted Systems
  • Information Governance
  • Big Data Ethics

Ethics for Records and Information Management is now in print. See ALA store or Amazon below.

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