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Ethical Computing is a blog that organizes original writings on information and digital ethics, information governance, data privacy, knowledge management, AI automation, digital transformation, and more. The articles reflect an interdisciplinary approach that fuses ethical analysis and IT business analysis. It draws from fields such as philosophy, law, information governance, and enterprise content management. Its intended audience is practitioners, scholars and students in the information fields.  

This Website contains short articles and other content, as well as links to published articles and presentations. It is meant to be a “slow blog” that catalogues and makes available research and writings that fall in the intersection of practice and theory. Please check back periodically for newly added content and links.

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Recently Added

Content Ethics section added to Special Topics page. Four pieces added. Most recent on RPA and Ethical Change Management.

AIIM Presentation: Digital Ethics and ECM: A Design Perspective

Article: “AI, Records, and Accountability“. ARMA Magazine.

Brief: Digital Ethics and Other Labels-Mooradian

Ethics for Records and Information Management 

See page About the Book. Selected links below:

American Library Association

Ethics for Records and Information Management