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Editorial Mission

The editorial mission of this site is to provide records and information professionals with materials they can use to help them address the ethical issues they face as practitioners. These materials should be of use in supporting policy work, decision making, planning, training, evaluating, and auditing in the areas of information ethics and governance.  While the materials will draw on and reflect work done in ethical and legal scholarship, the focus will be on application and practice, not social policy debate.

About the Editor

Norman Mooradian has worked in the information technology field for 20 years in the area of enterprise content management (ECM). He has certifications and extensive technical training in ECM and related technologies. He received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Ohio State University and has completed graduate courses in legal studies at the University of Illinois. Mooradian has researched and published on issues in information technology and business ethics. Mooradian has also taught ethics at colleges and universities over the last two decades.

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